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Look for your happiness with a Russian wife.

Many men chose to have a Russian wife and they made a right choice. Russian women are very beautiful, feminine and keep the essence of a real woman, but apart from that they are very loving, caring and will do their best to keep the relationships, and not just to ruin them. If you came to our site in search of a Russian wife you made a right choice. Here thousands of beautiful Russian women are waiting for you. We allow only profiles of the women who search for serious relationships on the site, and do our best to delete all the scammers and frauds from the site. Choosing our site you can be sure that you found a safe and clean place to meet with beautiful women.

On this dating site you can meet now:

Russian girls ( women, ladies)
Ukranian girls (women, ladies)
Belarus girls (women and ladies)
Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Totally 8542 brides from FSU are looking for men to marry here.

We are a marriage agency and only Russian women and men with serious intentions are welcomed here.

Russian women online now

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    Анна, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Мира, from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Julia, from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Irina, from Kazakhstan wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

Reasons to search for a Russian wife at our site

Many Russian women have negative experience of relationships, marriages, divorces with Russian men and that's why they come to our site in searches of potential partner who will have those features that they are searching for. But what can they offer to their potential partners? First of all, Russian women are well-known in the world because of their beauty. Russian woman needs to feel groomed, she spends a lot of time and forces to look beautiful, and as she looks beautiful she feels like a real woman also.

Second, Russian women have very stable ideas about marriage and relationships. If you got married to a Russian woman you can be sure that she will do everything possible to keep the family. In relationships she will also be patient and prone to compromises just to keep relationships, but it does not mean that she does not have dignity and if you start to beat her she will stand everything patiently not saying a word just to keep relationships. Of course, some desperate women would stand that, but most part of them would just go away.

Third reason – children. Russian women generally have very tender attitude to children, many women dream of having children when Russian men mostly are not ready for children, being big children by themselves. So, Russian women are searching for men who will share their love to children and who will be able to bear responsibility for the children, and not just disappear after having made them.

Fourth reason – Russian women usually do a lot about the house and they like it. They can cook, clean the house, knit, sew – all that perfect woman should do in your ideas probably. Surely it does not mean that marrying Russian woman you will receive housewife for free who will do everything about the house and will not ask for payment. In any case you need to treat your woman as a Woman, not as a housewife, and then she will spoil you with home-made cakes sometimes.

Right time to exchange contact data to continue correspondence outside our site

Our users are not prohibited to communicate outside our site using their private emails, we just ask them not to give their email addresses in the first letters, but after some period of correspondence on the site. If the Russian woman is giving her private email in the first letter we highly recommend to report this woman to us because she can appear to be a scammer who is trying to take as many men from the site as she can until she is deleted from our site and ask them for money there. Also Russian women quite often percept when a man is giving his email in the first letter as sign of a fraud and stop communication.

How often you should write to the woman

If the woman really likes you she would be glad to receive messages from you as often as possible. She would be happier to receive several short messages everyday instead of one long letter once a week. When she receives messages from you often it makes her think about you, if she receives messages once a week she will also think of you, but soon she will lose her hope in your serious intentions to her. We do not prohibit our users to exchange their contact data; you can ask a woman for her personal email, phone number or other contact data by yourself after some period of correspondence on the site. We ask our users to exchange their contact data only after some period of previous correspondence on the site otherwise it can be a sign of fraud.

Your first letter should catch attention of the woman

Writing first letter to the woman is really important because it gives to the woman general idea about you, your life and what you are searching on the site. The first letter to the woman should not be very long and very detailed showing all your biography from childhood till now. Only some really desperate women would read long letters from unknown men till the end and write something back. The first letter should be just several sentences long giving key facts about you, but not details – let the woman ask you about details by herself. Also avoid using such words as “sweetie”, “sexy” etc in the first letter – they make it look very cheap and not all the women would answer a man who calls them like that from the beginning of correspondence.

On these dating sites older men search for young lovers, and young Russia women search for older men with money. Is it real to find serious relationships here?

Well, if you go on the site with such way of thinking then for sure you will not find anything. You are already disappointed, so you will suspect everybody in their searches of profit and scamming, Russian women will feel your real attitude from your letters and they will go to look for some other man who believes that relationships born in Internet can become real and who will not be afraid to turn them into real ones. Women mostly search for love, not for money, the same as men, and money can buy a lot of things, but they cannot buy love or happiness.

For women does not matter if you have millions of dollars, if the woman lives in usual living conditions living with a millionaire can be uncomfortable for her. The main thing for the man is to work and earn money to be able to support his family and keep the long-distance relationships (calls, flights, etc). So you need to be active and positive, write to Russian girls first, find the ones that will respond to you and build dialogue and friendship with them. Everything starts from the smallest things, but your mood and set of mind play a significant role in development of your story. We have many nice Russian women on our site, so we are sure that after some time of searching you will find perfect match for you.

Our statistic

-more than 100 000 women registered in our system;
-more than 10 000 women come online every day;
-more than 50 000 letters are sent by our users every day;
We are proud to have high level of marriages among the people who met each other on our site. In summer and autumn we have approximately 2-4 weddings a day. In winter their quantity is less – up to 4 weddings a week. In spring quantity of weddings can be around 4-8 weddings a day.

Are Russian women ready to accept my child? What is their attitude to children?

Russian women mostly love children very much, they take a lot of care about their children and pay all forces for their children to be happy. Many women will also be glad to accept child of their husband, at least they will be open for it, but you should not hide the fact that you have children and then strike the woman with this fact. Say to the woman at the start of your communication with her that you have child, but do not ask the woman at first if she will be ready to accept your child. Let her know something about your life and life of your child, introduce your child to your woman, let them know about each other and get closer. Also sometimes children can be jealous about other women in the life of their dad. In that case you need to speak with your child honestly that you will not love him/her less, but you also have right to be happy.

Attitude to marriage and family in Russia

Usually Russian women are trying to get married quite early, here it is not too much common to build career and only after building career to have family and children. Quite often women in Russia believe it as a bad luck when they fail to get married before 30, and sometimes even to 25. Also many girls have 1 or 2 children very early. Because of this many women registered on our site have children. Family is very important for girls. But usually it is very rare that Russian women act first to have relationships, it means that the girls do not act first – they put beautiful photos to their profiles, interesting answers to questions and then they wait until men will show their interest. Russia and Ukraine are not feminist countries, so if you want to meet a woman from Slavonic countries then act first and write her.

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